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What factors can make a pregnancy high-risk?

A pregnancy can be an exciting time for a women. For many women, they marvel at how their body can change to support a new life. While many people consider pregnancy a miracle, it is also a major medical situation. Pregnant women require regular prenatal care in order to ensure that the pregnancy is healthy and that the woman's body is responding appropriately.

Without proper prenatal care, from a competent healthcare professional, the woman and her child can be placed in harm's way. Proper prenatal care can help doctors diagnose potential pregnancy-related injuries and preventable birth injuries. Negligent monitoring, on the other hand, can lead to preventable error. One important part of prenatal care is assessing whether a mother is carrying a high risk pregnancy. If a woman is high risk, then additional precautions will be necessary. Many may wonder what risk factors can lead to a high risk pregnancy.

You need experience after a medical malpractice fatality

Oregon residents see doctors quite frequently for everything from a flu shot to a broken bone, the birth of a baby to a routine physical. In these cases, people are relying on the expertise of the physician to assess their situation and protect their health. In many cases, Oregon doctors do just that. They work carefully to help people stay healthy or get better.

However, there are other cases where people see a doctor but remain sick. Or, they see a doctor and get sicker. In these particular cases, patient and their families may not fully understand what is going on. They may think that they are experiencing side-effects, or they may believe that they are on the road to recover when in reality they have suffered from medical malpractice.

When can a family bring a wrongful death suit?

The sudden death of a loved one can be a big shock for a family. Families can be left with deep emotional turmoil and completely unable to see past their pain. In these situations, families may wonder if it is possible to hold someone responsible for the death of their beloved family member.

In a wrongful death suit, families can hold another party responsible for the death if a few elements are fulfilled. First, the person's death must have been caused by the negligence of another. A person is negligent when that person or entity owed the deceased a duty of care and breached that duty through some action or inaction. Second, the death must have caused the family some sort of economic harm. This can come from funeral costs, medical expenses before the death or lost wages. However, the family must have actual damages. Finally, a personal representative of the deceased estate must be appointed and must bring the suit.

Negligent hospitals can be held responsible for your injuries

In times of medical crisis, Oregon residents rely on the skilled help of doctors and nurses in hospitals. In life threatening emergencies, even young children are taught to call 911 so that the person in trouble can be taken to an emergency room. Hospital staff, in particular emergency room doctors, are supposed to be trained to quickly and accurately assess a person's injuries. Once diagnosed, these same staff members are supposed to be able to fix the problem.

However, emergency rooms across Oregon often fall short of these expectations. In some cases, emergency room doctors have been known to refuse treatment because of a person's medical insurance coverage. Or, emergency room doctors have not taken the time to quickly or accurately diagnose a person's medical issue. In some cases, doctors have even failed to order life-saving tests that could have led to the right diagnosis.

Baby suffers birth injury -- family awarded $1 million

In a recent article this blog explained that there are many reasons that birth injuries occur. As the post explained, one factor that can increase the risk of birth injuries is the size of the baby. When the baby is large, doctors may need to consider performing a cesarean section in order to avoid birth injuries.

In a recent case, however, a doctor failed to perform a cesarean section with a large baby. In this case, the baby girl was born at nine pounds, two ounces. During the baby's decent into the birth canal, however, the baby girl's left shoulder became stuck. In order to avoid oxygen deprivation to the baby, the doctor took action.

Common causes of birth injuries

The birth of a baby should be an extraordinary time for a family. Welcoming a new member of a family should bring nothing but joy. But, for many families a birth injury turns a happy time into a family's worst nightmare. A birth injury can include any number of physical problems for an infant. They can include broken blood vessels, broken collarbones, facial nerve injuries or swelling of the face or head. More serious injuries -- including death -- can also occur.

In some cases, a family may never understand why a birth injury occurred. However, there are some common causes including problems with the mother or the baby. One common cause is the size of the baby. If the baby is too large a birth injury is more likely to occur. A birth injury can also occur if the baby is breach -- or not head down -- while in the birth canal.

What are the types of hospital-acquired infections?

When a patient in Oregon is injured or ill, they might be admitted to the hospital for treatment. These facilities provide the patient with around the clock care while they recover from an illness, receive treatment or recover from a surgery. While the hospital environment is often conducive towards the treatment and recovery of a patient, these facilities could also be the reason or cause for a hospital-acquired infection, which could lead to new ailments or worsened medical conditions.

Many question what are the different types of hospital acquired and how they occur. While modern technology and procedures often provide patients with the opportunity to safely recover in healthcare facilities, if proper steps are not carried out, serious infections could result. Common types of infections include bloodstream infections, catheter-associated UTIs and ventilator-associated pneumonia.

What patients can do if they are improperly diagnosed

It is often described as being a scary situation when an individual is ill, suffering an aliment or is seriously injured. Patients in Oregon rely on the expert knowledge of a physician or a surgeon to diagnose and treat these medical problems. Our firm understands that much trust is put in medical staff and when they fail to detect or diagnose a patient, the patient could suffer greatly. Whether it is new or worsened medical conditions that result, patients should understand their rights regarding this incident.

It is not uncommon for some symptoms of an illness or a disease to mimic those of another ailment. This is why it is important that medical professionals take the time necessary to discern these differences so they can accurately diagnose the patient. If they fail to detect symptoms or the specific ailment the patient is suffering, this could lead to worsened medical conditions, or even worse, could lead to their death.

Common ways to diagnose breast cancer

Throughout the month of October, marks breast cancer awareness month in the United States. Throughout the month, campaigns are undertaken to make women and men more aware of the dangers of breast cancer. According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, one in eight women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. More women are diagnosed with breast cancer than any other type of cancer. Furthermore, it is the second highest cause of death in women --each year 40,000 women will die of breast cancer.

These sobering statistics make it very important that breast cancer be promptly and properly diagnosed by medical professionals. While self-breast exams can be helpful in detecting cancer, medical procedures are available that can help rule out cancer in a woman.

Hospital settles suit with Oregon women over doctor misconduct

People place extraordinary amounts of trust and faith into hospitals. Most people are not able to handle complex medical care on their own; therefore, people turn to these institutions when they are sick and need experts to help. In many cases, Oregon hospitals are able to handle people's medical needs to ensure that they recover. However, there are situations where hospitals fail their patients and people suffer.

In one Oregon case, an anesthesiologist has been convicted of sexually molesting patients that were in his care. At least 12 woman have accused the doctor of mistreatment and have sued the hospital as a result. The doctor was sentenced to 23 years in prison in 2012 on rape charges related to this case.

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